I love, love, love credit cards!
I have a problem. I am a travel hacker. I travel the world for free, all because of credit card hacking!
Besides the bonus points, worth $1,000+, I get;
—-Free annual hotel night, used our last one in Seattle. $320/night room, free! (Marriott Bonvoy)
—-Free airport lounge access(free food, free drinks via PriorityPass)
—-Free roadside assistance(American Express personal platinum)
—-Free Global Entry/TSA precheck. No more waiting in airport lines. I was even able to get my girlfriend, mom, and step-dad as authorized users, and they also received Free Global Entry/TSA precheck. (American Express personal platinum)

All of my daily spend is done on credit cards. Instead of using my debit card, or cash, where I get no benefit from, by using a credit card, I am able to accumulate cash back and points!

I use credit cards for everything!

—Grocery stores-American Express Ascend 7X points!

—Restaurants-Amex Ascend 7X points

—Gas stations-Amex Ascend 7X points

—Cable/Internet-Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business card 4X points

—Everything else-Chase Sapphire Reserve

With utilizing my credit cards at merchants where I get bonus points; grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, cable/internet, I am able to accumulate points very quickly vs if I used my debit card. With American Express Ascend, and it’s higher end version, the American Express Aspire card, I was able to stay at Conrad Bora Bora for 6 nights, all for free! I did a video on Youtube, describing in detail how I did it. Click here to view video. 

Besides all that, credit cards, some, not all, also give you extended warranty protection on items. I purchased my
computer in June 2016.
Last year, AFTER the manufacture warranty expired, I had an issue with the
computer. $189 to get it fixed.
However, I paid with my Marriott Chase Visa. With that card, extended warranty
coverage is included. (1 extra year)
Took me 30 mins to fill out the forms, all online. Two weeks later, got this
check for reimbursement!
Another reason I live travel hacking and credit cards!