The hardest part about creating a financial site, is giving information that pretains to everyone! That can’t happen! It’s easy to give exercise advise; eat better, exercise more. Giving generic financial advice like; spend less, make more, isn’t going to be of value to you! Or my favorite; Buy Low, Sell High. So, what to do? Well, first thing; you need to find out “Where are you?”


See these ladies carrying buckets of clothing on their heads?

It’s a safe bet to say that these ladies are financially poor.

See this lady! You might remember this lady as being Paris Hilton, receipent of the “Lucky Sperm Club”

It’s a safe bet to say that Paris Hilton is not financially poor. Paris Hilton gets more money in one night as a Dj in Las Vegas, $250,000, than the previous ladies will make their entire lives, combined.

What similarities does these ladies have?
Well……they both don’t know what Walmart is!



So, Where Are You?
Are you so poor, that you don’t know what Wal-Mart is?
Or are you so rich, that you don’t know what Wal-Mart is?
Well, if you are reading my site, you are somewhere in between.

You are not washing your clothes in the river.
But, you ARE wearing your clothes again, unlike Paris.

Before you adventure further into my site, I would like you to find out “Where Are You?”
I designed my site to be of 4 parts. From;

Personal Finance,


Real estate,

to Traveling!

Each sections serves its own purpose, and that is to help you go to the next section! 

Read my posts in Personal Finance. Understand the terms, and my philosophies, before you go into Investing. Read my posts in Investing, before……….ahhhh… get it! After all, you made the smart decision of going to my site!