Prince died at 57 with a 150 million dollar estate 
Aretha Franklin died at 76 with a 80 million dollar estate
Mac Miller died at 26 with a much, much, smaller estate.


Mac Miller was the only one to leave a will/trust!

What does a will/trust do?
It dictates WHERE your assets go after your death! How long will you be dead for when you die? 🤔

Where do you want your assets to go?
How will you be able to tell, who gets what, after you pass?

A will/trust makes it happen!
If, like Prince and Aretha, you die without a will/trust, the GOVERNMENT dictates where your assets go! 😡 Do you want the fiscally irresponsible, government to say where YOUR assets go? Nope! Neither do I. So, get a will/trust!

I’m in the process of creating my will/trust and NONE OF YA’LL GETTING ANYTHING!! IT’S ALL GOING TO THE DOGS! 🐕

Also, you keep your finances private with a will/trust. It bypasses probate, which is a very lengthy, expensive process. Probate is when the government takes your assets, hears claims from ANYONE trying to get your assets, and, after hiring expensive lawyers, divvies up your assets.

In Princes case, more than 45 people claimed his estate, claiming to be wife(s), children, siblings and long distance relatives.
Princes heirs haven’t received anything from Princes estate, 2 years after his passing(2016).
6 million in lawyers fees have been accrued during those 2 years! What a waste! A will/trust would have eliminated ALL of this!…/lawyers-leach-millions-from-pr…/amp

What’s worse, in Aretha Franklins case, she KNEW she was going to die. Still didn’t prepare a will! She was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer! She also has a special needs son, who will need financial support for the rest of his life. The government, due to no will/trust, will decide IF her son gets anything.

Mac Miller and Prince both died unexpectedly. However, Mac Miller showed his family how much he loved them, by preparing his assets for his passing. It’s hard enough to lose someone, and the last thing you want to have to do is fight to keep what is theirs! A will/trust enables this!

For the average person, they are relatively cheap. State specific, but less than $100 on Legalzoom. If you have children….who do you want to take care of your children? 
Do you want to decide? 
Or do you want the court to decide?

Someone was looking out for Mac Miller and now someone is looking out for you; ME!

Create a will/trust soon! 
Your heirs will thank you!