Shop at Amazon?

Ride in Uber?

If so, until 4/23/2019, Vons and Albertsons are having 5X fuel points on 3rd party gift cards!





Buy $100 in Amazon gift card, or Uber, or any 3rd party gift card, get
5X fuel rewards to use at Chevron/Texaco.

Use your Chase Freedom card, this quarter, to get an additional 5% back at grocery stores.
So; $100 Amazon gift card costs $100
5X fuel rewards would equal 5oo points.
100 points=1 fuel reward
1 fuel reward=10 cents off a gallon.
500 points=5 fuel rewards points. Get it?
50 cents off a gallon.
Max is 25 gallons.

At max, you save $12.50.
Combined with 5% back, you get $5
So, total of $17.50 back.
17.5% return!
And, you still have the $100 Amazon gift card!

Don’t forget to shop with Amazon via a shopping portal.

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