Do you use Uber?
Do you drink DR. Pepper?

If so, Uber and Dr Pepper are having a promo. Buy (2) 20 oz Dr Peppers, get $5 off next Uber ride.

—Buy Dr Peppers, preferably on sale,
—Take a picture of the UPC codes
—Text Dr. Pepper at 64827
—Get text back with promo code for $5 off Uber ride!
—Add promo code to Uber account
—UB away!
—YOU CAN REPEAT WITH THE SAME BOTTLES AS THE UPC CODES ARE ALL THE SAME *Don’t like doing this, as I feel you should be purchasing the bottles again. After all, that is what the promo is about!

Combined with my $15/month in Uber credits from American Express personal platinum, I might cruise around Vegas with my Uber chauffeur!