Hi! My name is Scott! I was a valet supervisor for 10 years at a Las Vegas strip Hotel/Casino. I “retired” from my lucrative job in 2016. Even though I love my job, and the pay was great, I wasn’t dependent on the money anymore, due to investments I made many, many years earlier.

I love helping others hit their financial goals. I would help co-workers with investing, retirement, pensions, insurance, anything finacial related. Word quickly got around that I was the valet guy who knew personal finance. As more and more people inquired about my knowledge, I had to create a way to help them, without interupting my work. So…..MillionaireValet.com was created. Orginally, my site was called “Talkingstockwithscott.com” but more and more people would come to my job and go;

“Hey….are you that Millionaire Valet guy?” And….there we have it.

I have been investing since I was age 13, 20+ years. My first stocks purchased were Disney, Nike, Chevron. Quality companies then, quality companies today. I started investing at age 13, after noticing that;

“that’s what rich people do”

You want to be skinny, do what skinny people do.

You want to be smart, do what smart people do.

You want to be rich, do what rich people do. And investing I did.

I would actually get dividend checks for 4 cents! 4. .04 dollars 4/100 of a dollar. Yes…..they would mail me checks for 4 cents! Postage was 25 cents.

I love personal finance, investing, real estate and traveling (especially for free!) I didn’t know anything about any of the previous mentioned. But I learned. Just how you are taking the first step to learn, by looking at my site. All I ask, is that you be patient with me with this site. It took me a while to learn, and I am still learning, website development! So please be patient.

The most difficult part about personal finance, is starting! So, where to start? To know where you are going, you have to know where you are. Start with my article; “Where Are You?”